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Academic Proofreading Services

I am an experienced academic, dedicated to helping students improve their written work.  I know how important it is for an assignment, dissertation or thesis to be well written. This is why I offer proofreading services to university students up to PhD level.


Remember, spellcheck and grammar software is by no means foolproof; there are many writing errors these packages do not detect. 

"Chris was very helpful, he took my writing and by undertaking a thorough proofread corrected all the spelling and grammatical errors. In addition he advised me on ways to improve my writing by editing my work which really made a difference. Chris is professional, adaptable and very detailed in his work. I would strongly recommend 'Academic Writing and Editing Services' to any student looking for high quality and comprehensive proofreading and editing" — S.A.

My proofreading process

  1. You send me a sample or preferably your completed script. I will read it through to determine the amount of proofreading that is required. 

  2. I will then provide an estimate based on the time it will take to proofread your writing. 

  3. Using a tracking process, I will correct any errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation.

  4. If necessary, I can also edit your work.

If extra work is required on your script beyond the estimate, I will inform you, without delay. The extra work be will based on an hourly rate according to how much added time is deemed necessary to complete the proofreading. I will await your response before proceeding with the proofreading.

My service is quick and efficient and trusted by academics in New Zealand and the UK.