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Academic Editing Services

Writing is hard and takes a lot of dedication.  As an academic, I have spent many years providing writing support to students both in New Zealand and the UK. I want to assist you in the best way I can, which is why, in addition to proofreading, I also offer editing services.

Remember, there are many writing errors that spellcheck and grammar software will not find. By hiring an academic editor, you can ensure that your script will be of a high standard.

My editing process

  • You send your script to me. I will read through it thoroughly.

  • I will provide you with an estimate based on how long I expect it will take to proofread and edit or simply edit your work.

  • All edits are clearly marked using a tracking process.

What errors do I look for?

  • Overlong sentences

  • Unnecessary repetition

  • Inconsistencies regarding expression and terminology

  • Unnecessary jargon and clichés

  • English construction that is incorrect.

If extra work is required on your script beyond the estimate, I will inform you, without delay. The extra work will be based on an hourly rate according to how much added time is deemed necessary to complete the proofreading, and or editing. I will await your response before proceeding with the proofreading, and or editing.

To give yourself the best chance of success, please get in touch.