Never miss a deadline

Academic Writing Support

As an academic, your work probably involves

  • presenting at conferences

  • writing articles for journals and chapters for books

  • applying for grants

  • carrying out research

  • and, let’s not forget, teaching your students.


Life is busy.

I can help prioritise your time for research and writing.

How do I work in practice?

Academics are often their own worst enemy. Spending countless hours immersed in ground-breaking research is, without a doubt, very interesting. However, given the time you must commit to your students and admin you must consider alternative ways to keep up your research output.

We can discuss your research portfolio, and I will advise you on possible ways to get a second or third publication from your existing scripts. I can also provide ideas on how to produce publications to increase output from your current research activity.

What about publishing and editing?

By working on your behalf as an editor, I can discuss with you potential publishing opportunities. I adhere to the Institute of Professional Editors Limited (IPEL) guidelines, and on any writing project will act only with your permission.

If you think you may benefit from some academic writing support, please get in touch for a chat.